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Pawn shops are a very misunderstood businesses. If you’re short of money and looking to improve your cashflow, Pawnlyne will happily offer a loan on any valuables of worth. This can be anything from antiques, to jewellery, to electronics. We’ll usually set a time limit on your loan as well as interest rate but once the loan is repaid we return the item. To find out more about our pawn shop visit our store or send us a message on the form below.

We Accept a Range of Items

Our friendly staff aren’t in the business of ripping you off, we simply want to help people. We accept a range of products and items that we will happily swap or loan your money for, but we do understand that sometimes your items can be of great sentimental value to you. Whether it’s jewellery, antiques, furniture, or even electrical items our brokers would be happy to take it all and offer you a price.


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